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RCML Conference Proceedings: Submissions due each year on October 31. 

Once you have received an acceptance notice of your speaking proposal, you are eligible to submit a proceedings paper for double-blind, peer review. Please email a copy of your proceedings paper to [email protected], and include “20XX proceedings submission” in your subject line. 

The format requirements may be accessed via the link below.

RCML Proceedings Format Requirements

Review Timeline: 

Decisions of acceptance of speaking proposals disseminated  10/01
Submission of proceedings paper due 10/31
Blinded papers to reviewers 11/16
Completion of Reviews 11/30
Papers with reviewer comments returned to authors 12/20
Paper with edits in the Revise and Resubmit category & needing additional reviews 12/28
Paper with edits due back to editor 01/15
All proceedings edited and in final form 02/20

Important note:
You may only submit a proceeding paper submission for a presentation that has been accepted to the conference. Once a presentation is accepted, we encourage authors to submit their proceeding paper before October 31. The conference registration deadline is January 20. Only registered presenters will be recognized in the conference program. Lead authors are required to register for their accepted paper to appear in the conference proceedings.

Please direct any questions to this year's proceedings editors, Georgia Cobbs and Dennis Kombe, at [email protected].

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